1. Prepare and correspond all aspects of the export documents (invoice, LC, packing list, etc.) to ensure the availability of personnel/materials/equipment needed to carry out the movement of goods; then verify the compliance of orders into the system.

2. Assist team members in the loading/unloading of products and in-orders preparation; prepare the documents required for the shipment of orders for both internal, and external parties.

3. Coordinate with both the internal and external parties with all shipping activities; train, inform, and support the team members involved in the shipping process. Distribute then review such work of the team members assigned to the movement of goods.

4. Monitor shipment schedule, and adjust (if needed). Proactively communicate with the Customer Service team to ensure the orders are processes according to customer requirement.

5. Ensure the procedure that apply to the transportation and storage of goods is met; and perform other essential duties as assigned.

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